Putting Google AdSense Ads On A Website Is Easy

Putting Google Ads onto your website             Click here if you have an Adult site

Getting Google ads on your website is simple. Just copy some HTML code from Google's Adsense site, paste it into your page and the ads appear just as you see here on the left. You can put the code on as many of your websites and web pages as you like.

Each time someone clicks on an ad on your page you clock up a few cents and every now and again those nice people at Google send you a cheque. It's that easy. Google call this "AdSense for Content".

Google Search box

To get the Google search box on your page you copy another chunk of Google HTML. If someone searches from this box then clicks on an ad on the search results page Google pays you a few cents. Google call this "AdSense for Search".

view source code

Example of Google Ads HTML code on a website page

For an example of an HTML web page with google ads incorporated which also uses CSS look at the source code (view source code) of this page. You'll see the source HTML of this page which shows how simple it is to copy and paste the google ads JavaScript code into your website.

Text Ads versus Image Ads

Google Adsense gives you three options: text ads only, image ads only, text and image ads. If you go for text ads only, you'll get an ad block ("unit") with only text ads - no pictures. But opt for image only and you may get a blank block because nobody is willing to pay the, presumably much higher, cost of a full-block picture ad on your page.

The solution is to go for the 'text and image ads' option: if someone will cough up for an image ad you get an image ad, otherwise you get text ads. Apparently having ads with no border around them and with the background colour and link colour matching your page increases the number of click-throughs.

Google Ads - Cents per Click By Page

Some of my pages typically get 0% of visitors clicking through. Other pages get 15% of visitors clicking an ad. On some pages each click earns one or two cents, on other pages sometimes a dollar or more per click. Play with page layouts and ad formats to see how it affects the number of click-throughs and cents-per-click you're earning each day.

For UK residents Google will send you a cheque in good old British pounds. And I daresay they might even send you a cheque in Euros if you were so inclined.

Practical example of google ads: getting paid by google

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